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International coupler, construction coupler, malleable steel coupler, connecting coupler, cross coupler, rotating coupler

Hebei Guiqing Guangming Malleable Iron Casting

Years of focus on building materials design, research and development and production. Widely used in all kinds of construction sites


Malleable steel link coupler
Malleable cross coupler
Malleable steel rotating coupler
"Integrity, Dedication, humanity, fairness"
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Malleable steel link coupler
Malleable cross coupler
Malleable steel rotating coupler
"Integrity, Dedication, humanity, fairness"
"Good faith, customer first"
"Quality first, quality first"

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Hebei Guiqingming Malleable steel Casting Co., LTD. Was established in 2001, registered trademark ZC in 2002, and established in 2006.

The company mainly produces construction scaffolding coupler, manhole cover, rain drain and so on.

Our company is registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the products have been strictly inspected out of the factory, the quality is stable and reliable for a long time, by Hebei Province and the State Bureau of Technical supervision construction department for many times sampling inspection are in line with the GB15831-2006 national standard. As recommended products and quality trustworthy products, national construction fastener excellent enterprises. Hebei Province by the Quality and technical supervision bureau as hebei Province quality products.

The company is located in Nanpi County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, 338 national Road, covering an area of 40,000 square meters, total assets of more than 40 million yuan, including fixed assets of 30 million yuan, with senior technical and management personnel. Strong technical force, complete production equipment, complete means of inspection. Annual production of more than 30 million sets of building fasteners, manhole covers, more than 1,000 tons of rain drain.


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Industry dynamic
  • Steel pipe scaffold detection methods and technical standards

    1.1 technical performance test method of 1.1.1 sliding resistance and resistance to damage detection in the steel pipe support system, the fastener is a kind of connection is more important in the bar, the method of vertical rod and horizontal rod between the argued that if implemented by friction between steel pipe with fastener, so the anti-sliding ability of detection is very important a test standard, fastener against sliding bearing capacity to force between steel pipe with fastener provide

  • Advantages of scaffold fasteners

    The basic idea of cross location method is to find out the cross part and then accurately locate the required place according to the point of the cross. Corresponding to the positioning problem of the coupler, the coupler is at the crossing of the rail and sleeper, so the rail and sleeper naturally form a cross. The specific principle is due to rail surface integral is metal, than other parts of the smooth, in the image is the overall gray value is higher, the rail is upright in the image acquis

  • Erection requirements and safety measures for fastener scaffold

    1 frame material requirement fastener type steel pipe double exclusion scaffold is mainly formed by steel pipe rod parts, fasteners, base basic components. Welded steel tubes with an outer diameter of 48mm and a wall thickness of 3.5mm are commonly used for steel tube members. In the case that economic conditions allow or the construction site with excellent safety and civilization is established, it is better to adopt welded steel tubes with an outside diameter of 48mm and a wall thickness of 3

Company news
  • Control analysis of welding gap of malleable steel pipe fitting

    Control analysis of welding gap of malleable steel pipe fitting

    The strip is fed into the welded pipe unit and rolled by multiple rollers. The strip is gradually rolled up to form a round tube blank with open gap. The pressure reduction of the extrusion roller is adjusted so that the weld gap is controlled at 1~3mm and both ends of the welding joint are flush. If the clearance is too large, the adjacent effect will be reduced, the eddy current heat is insufficient, and the weld crystal will not fuse or crack indirectly. If the clearance is too small, the adj

  • The performance of malleable steel pipe fittings is introduced

    The performance of malleable steel pipe fittings is introduced

    1. The graphite in malleable cast iron is flocculent and has little effect on the matrix cleavage. 2. Its mechanical properties are higher than gray cast iron, and its plasticity and toughness are better. 3. Malleable iron cannot be wrought and pressed. 4. Black malleable cast iron has higher plasticity and toughness, while pearlite malleable iron has higher strength, hardness and wear resistance.

  • Use of malleable steel pipe fittings

    Use of malleable steel pipe fittings

    After the iron impurity which is difficult to be solved by galvanizing, zinc-ferroalloy is more favored by pipe plating manufacturers. Zinc-ferroalloy is known as the ideal technology to replace pipe fitting galvanizing without pollution. From the development trend of surface treatment of malleable steel pipe fittings, the transformation from hot plating to electroplating may be the future direction, the replacement of malleable steel with zinc and iron platform gold is the inevitable direction,

  • How to maintain the malleable steel pipe fittings?

    How to maintain the malleable steel pipe fittings?

    Any product used for a long time after the need for maintenance and maintenance, of course, malleable steel pipe fittings is not an exception, our company is the production of malleable steel pipe fittings, fire pipe fittings, malleable steel clamp manufacturers, on this aspect has a year round of research, today take us to understand the maintenance of malleable steel pipe fittings. The first to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of malleable steel pipe fittings, carefully look at th

  • Preparation and process requirements before erection of fastener scaffold

    Coupler type scaffolding because of its easy to set up, suitable for good, dismantling, stacking, transfer convenient and fast, in the construction has been widely used. But in the construction and demolition, must be according to the technical requirements, careful operation, to ensure safety. 1.1 After backfilling the wall foundation, the foundation of the building area should be tamped and level, 10~15cm higher than the natural floor, and drainage treatment should be done. 1.2 The constructio

  • The construction process flow of the coil holder

    1 dish buckle frame construction technology of the overall process and land clearing pop-up axis and the horizontal line and review - bracket material selection, fabric - base is put right, and adjust the height of dish type support build-up to high elevation control detection and frame adjustment, connection of components and the retaining bolt inspection to improve the support system (complete sweeping rod and sweeping day rod and diagonal) - > preview and acceptance. 2 beam formwork and th

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